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Organ Transplant & Immunosuppressed Patients Care

Novem Dermatology is also a high-risk skin cancer clinic for organ transplant & immunosuppressed patients. We provide specialized care for these types of patients who have an increased risk of multiple and/or aggressive skin cancers.

Organ transplant recipients are at an increased risk of developing skin cancers compared to the general population. The medications that suppress the immune system in order to allow the transplanted organ to function and survive increase the risk of skin cancer. However, most skin cancers are easily cured if recognized and treated early. Transplant patients can have anywhere from a few skin cancers, to hundreds. The risk increases with longer duration of immunosuppression. The prevention guidance and early detection of skin cancers we provide is essential.

At Novem Dermatology, we are highly trained to treat high-risk skin cancers in an efficient and effective manner to reduce the number of visits and burden on our immunosuppressed patients. We are also very comfortable using medications that can reduce the risk of skin cancer development. During our consultations, we can also address other skin concerns that may arise in our transplant patients such as commons growths, skin conditions, and skin infections.

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