Dr. Nicole Howe

About Novem Dermatology

Nicole Howe, MD founded Novem Dermatology with a simple vision—to provide high-quality, compassionate dermatologic care for all ages. A place where excellence and academic experience meet the efficiency, ease, and comfort of a private practice…a comprehensive, patient-focused dermatologic practice.

At Novem Dermatology, our team focuses on delivering evidence-based treatment options in a caring, compassionate environment.  We offer a diverse array of treatment options for patients seeking medical and surgical dermatology care. Our staff has been professionally selected and trained to perform at the highest level of skill, compassion, and integrity, as we strive to make your experience with our practice the very best in the industry.

With full service surgical and medical experience, we also have a focus on prevention and education, and believe that patients should play an active role in their medical care. We aim to be accessible, provide honest care in a warm and comfortable setting, and be your go-to source for your skin needs.

At Novem, we understand how distressing skin changes can be and strive to tailor each treatment regimen to fit the unique needs of each patient. While providing the gold standard in care, we also truly care about our patients and their well-beings. Our innovative, individualized, and preventive approach to skin health is just as important to us as our patient-doctor relationships we develop with you. We put patient needs first, and only recommend services that are necessary to meet your individual goals. From the first moment you walk in, you know you’re in great hands.

We invite you to experience Novem Dermatology and learn how different we really are.

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